One day Chenoa discovers a truth; Dunya. The world she lives in is not real. Its a dream and someone holding her here. LOST IN DUNYA shows her desperate attempt to escape from this world. Wake up, Sheno.

Lost in Dunya (AT)

web series, 8 x 20 min, drama
Created by Julie Gaston
© Les Gastons Film, 2018 (pre production)


Hiberna (AT)

Feature film, 90 min, drama
Written by Julie Gaston & Niklas Braun
© Les Gastons Film, 2018 (in development)

For twelve years his environment assumed that he was dead inside and he had to accept to be treated as an animal. For twelve years he remained a prisoner of his body — until someone recognized him as a human again. A story told from the perspective of a dancer with locked in syndrome.
"A reflection on the subjective sensation of anxiety, its different dimensions and absurd proportions."

Ein Wesen

Web series 12 x 2 min & experimental film 15 min
Written and directed by Julie Gaston
© Les Gastons Film, 2018
In coproduction with

Bildschirmfoto 2018-01-26 um 11.45.41.png
Maria travels back to her cozy little birth town in Spain. Supported by her best friend, Maria has to decide between two guys she “loves”. 
They’re not just both really cute but also brothers.
„Donde esta Maria“ is a coming-of-age love story that explores a contemporary form of loving and being loved. The film investigates the desire to desire and the wish to be desired. It tells a story of the unconditional love of two young friends.

¿Donde Esta Maria?

experimental documentary, 30 min, VR film (360⁰)
Created by Marie Danielle & Julie Gaston
© Les Gastons Film, 2017 (post production)



Short film, 12 min, future noir
Written and directed by Julie Gaston
© Les Gastons Film, 2017


Eigengrau accompanies 11 years old Leo in his last days before he decides to commit suicide. In this time, he withdraws further and further into a fantasy world of his own and gets into conflict with the dystopian reality of his life.


Short film, 10 min, dark fantasy
Written by Julie Gaston
Directed by Julie Gaston & Ammar Sonderberg
© Les Gastons Film, 2015

HÄNSEL is a modern interpretation of the fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by the brothers Grimm. The Story is about a 11-year-old boy, Marvin, who is abused by his mother. Marvin dreams himself into a fairytale world in which he is the strong Hänsel who defeats the witch. In this way, he copes with his traumatic experiences at home.”