A reflection on the subjective sensation of anxiety, its different dimensions and absurd proportions."

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Web series & experimental film
Directed by Julie Gaston
© Les Gastons Film
In coproduction with spektrumfilm.tv



Feature film, 90 min, drama
Written by: Julie Gaston & Niklas Braun
© Les Gastons Film, (pre production)
For twelve years his environment assumed that he was dead inside and he had to accept to be treated as a necessary evil. For twelve years he remained a prisoner of his body — until someone recognized him as a human again.


Short film, 20 min, contemporary fantasy / future noir
Written and directed by: Julie Gaston
© Les Gastons Film, 2017


Eigengrau accompanies 11 years old Leo in his last days before he decides to commit suicide. In this time, he withdraws further and further into a fantasy world of his own and gets into conflict with the dystopian reality of his life.


Short film, 10 min, dark fantasy
Written by: Julie Gaston
Directed by: Julie Gaston & Ammar Sonderberg
© Les Gastons Film, 2016

HÄNSEL is a modern interpretation of the fairy tale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by the brothers Grimm. The Story is about a 11-year-old boy, Marvin, who is abused by his mother. Marvin dreams himself into a fairytale world in which he is the strong Hänsel who defeats the witch. In this way, he copes with his traumatic experiences at home.”